Leslie Tay

"a tenor voice of remarkable control and clarity ... commits completely and entirely to his character"



My voice

Random thoughts about my voice:

It's not the sort of sound that grabs your attention. It's a more subtle instrument. It doesn't really have booming resonance nor does it have the most beautiful colour.

It's simple. It's clear. It projects well generally. It's versatile. I try to communicate text as effectively as I can with it. It's not one that is particularly unique but coupled with what I do physically on stage, it leaves some sort of overall impression.

I used to hate my voice. It was always "not enough". Not rich enough, not loud enough, not supported enough, not polished enough, not good enough.

As I approach my 40th year, I tell myself that my voice is good enough for now. I will continue working to better it of course but I no longer want to feel inadequate about it.

And I no longer hate it. Because its mine. Flaws and all.

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